Tuesday, May 4, 2010

36 Weeks and counting!!!!

There is a drastic difference in this picture and last post. Baby Davis has hit a growth spurt and is clearly preparing itself for arrival. My weight gain has been minimal over the last 34 weeks but between 34 and 36 weeks I gained...brace yourself...4.5 pounds!!!! I am currently supposed to gain a pound a week until this week and then pretty much slow down or stop, but instead I doubled the weight gain. I nearly died when I saw the scale...it probably didn't help that Matt was like WOW when he saw the scale. Literally overnight I am a fully prego woman!

We were at the doctor yesterday, which is why we know the exact weight gain, and again everything looks good. Heartbeat was healthy and my blood pressure was great. Dr. Mayr had a student with him and asked if we minded her learning from our appointment. We didn't care so she came in and got to feel the baby and find the heartbeat (she was super sweet and so excited to find the heartbeat...it made it more fun). Dr. Mayr was happy and said I had a perfect learning belly because Goober started kicking when he asked the student where she thought the feet were. Goober helped her out and made it super easy for her to find the positioning. Mayr was also asking if she could tell which way the baby was facing and he claimed that he could feel the babies nose (which is rare) this made me a little concerned that our child will have an abnormally large nose! I don't think Matt or I have big noses but maybe??? He finished all his checks and discussed our "birth plan" with us. I call it the "birth plan" because we basically said we want to do everything natural unless we change our mind, so in essence our "plan" is that we have no plan. He is really great and supportive of what we want. My plan is to do it drug free but lets be honest the goal is having a baby and that will happen either way so if it takes too long I will go for the drugs.

Dr. Mayr was impressed with how calm I was and said I seem very relaxed, he did say however that he was worried about Matt and that he didn't seem too relaxed. He suggested that Matt bring a favourite toy or stuffed animal to help him relax at the hospital. I appreciated that comment a lot seeing as Matt always says he is way more relaxed then me! I guess we will see on delivery day! Feel free to send Matt calming messages or treats to keep him occupied!

We also selected coming home from the hospital outfits for Goober. In all of my first posts I was convinced Goober was a girl but now I really think it's a boy...no idea why. All the clothing we have bought for the baby so far are for boy babies maybe it's a sign? Either way we each selected an outfit, Matt picked the boys outfit and I picked the girl outfit so we will see which one we get to use.


  1. You look GREAT!! So exciting! I like your birth plan....that was mine too. All of my more experienced friends suggested I just let things happen and it worked for us! ( so did my epidural...ha ha)
    Stay calm =)

  2. yay~ the clothes are so cute and so are you! i still can't believe it and i wish i could feel your tummy. :) Matt, STAY CALM!

    The Duncans