Tuesday, April 20, 2010

34 Weeks down....3-6 weeks left!

Goober is 34 1/2 weeks old! We went to see our OB today for a regular check-up and everything went great! I have gained another pound which was so surprising because I have spent the last two weeks polishing off my Godiva Bunny from Matt and 3 bags of chocolate mini-eggs. I thought for sure they were going to yell at me and tell me to slow down. I think this is the direct result of Matt's young genes and quick metabolism. Goober is working off the weight with the somersaults and water aerobics I feel all day everyday. Our little baby is very active leaving us with zero concerns for it's health. The heart beat was very slow today (124 beats a minute) which is a boy beat, I think this was a total coincidence because during our appointment was the only time this baby wasn't moving today. I had a couple of complaints of pains that I am feeling and as always these not only are normal, but they are good things. That's what you like to hear...the pain you are feeling is good, there is nothing we can do to help you. Our doctor even told Matt to say "that's really good honey" when I complain to him. Can you tell our OB is a man? They have no idea. All joking aside it seems as though we are having a text book pregnancy and so we don't go back for another two weeks at which time we discuss our "plan" and talk about delivery. After this appointment we will book an ultrasound and I start going once a week. They should be able to give us a better idea of how close to our due date they expect the baby to arrive. Once we hit 37 weeks (May 7th) the baby is free to come at any point. So I plan to deliver May 7th...any other guesses?

Matt with his diaper bag. A brown suede diaper dude bag. Very manly!!!!

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  1. i love matt's diaper bag... cale will want that when we have a little duncan haha