Sunday, December 18, 2011

Visiting Santa...again!

Last year we braved the snow and took Caleb, Abby and Elle to get their picture taken with Santa.  Trucking two babies and a two year old through the mall was tough but totally worth it.

I'm sure people in the mall who saw us coming thought we were crazy for trying this but,
 look how cute they are?
Well done 2010!

This year we braved it with a three year old and two almost two year olds, 
it should be way easier right?

We decided to try it and out.
They can all walk right?
A herd of turtles I tell you, and if you let go of one for even a second they take off.
Where is that speed when we are all holding hands?

We made it to Santa's village with three excited little people and two tired Mommy's.
Our adventure had just begun.

Here's how it turned out...
We started with the Irvine's on their own since they didn't have one of just the two of them yet.

Since this was going so well, and Santa was super helpful and cooperative, (haha...sense the sarcasm) we decided to try and get Elle in there too.  I started by standing her in front of Abby, but she took off.  When I caught her I tried to put her on Caleb's lap, because there was no offer from Santa she was terrified and took off, don't believe me see our family photo here.  The whole time I was putting her in I was ducking and yelling "just take one".   I wasn't looking for the best family photo ever, just proof of our years of trying.  

So, the above photo, as unwarm and Christmasy as it is, totally represents the mood of our experience.
It will take it's place, as the 2011 memory, and wait to see what next year holds.
Never a dull moment or a wasted memory.  
Not every picture as rosy as you plan.
But a family full of love and Mommies willing to battle the Christmas craziness for a photo.
I love our memories with Elle's cousins.
And wouldn't trade this picture for one with perfect smiles and children standing like soldiers.
This is real life.
Better luck next year?  

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Banquet

This weekend we went to our church banquet.  We sat with our friends from Sunday school who just so happen to be Elle's friends parents.  These two cute girls were over the moon excited to spend the evening together.  
We had a great time socializing and eating turkey.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Naughty OR Nice

Are we good parents for posing with Elle or terrible parents for making her visit Santa at all?

The Girl has been loving the idea of Santa.  Pointing to things with Santa on it and talking about him, however when it came time for the annual picture she was having none of it.  She didn't throw a temper-tantrum...we've seen those and know what they look like...she instead was clinging to and clawing at Matt's shirt.  We decided to make it a family photo in an effort to  actually get a picture for her memories.  Do you think if she was a little older she would have told me to forget the memories, this is not happening?

Either way, we look somewhat happy and we have year two for her baby book. 
Terror in her eyes and all!

Year One:


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Photo shoot

I did a photo shoot with Elle trying to get a picture for our Christmas card.  I was going to an editorial style look.  I mixed patterns, textures and tried a few different hats.  She is such a funny girl!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Happy Halloween!

This year, despite my best persuasion, Elle was Shamu.  She was stuck on the idea and while I tried to talk her out of it I ended up LOVING it.  When we were invited to a halloween party the easy answer for Matt and I was to be whale trainers.  So our little family dressed in black and white and represented one of our favourite places we have been as a family...Sea World!

I made her costume from a sweater pattern I purchased online.  I just exchanged the front section with white instead of black.  Her eyes were made of felt and then I made her fins our of thick batting.  Unfortunately most of the pictures we have are blurry because as you can imagine the girl was so excited and in constant motion.  She was so funny tromping around in her costume.

On Halloween we went over to my parents to see Elle's cousins.  She was so thrilled to spend time with them.  Since Abby is pretty much her favourite person alive right now, they went crazy hugging and visiting.  Elle was a little unsure of the change in colour to Caleb's skin.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Amoxicillin Again....

Last Thursday I had Elle at the doctor with a cold.  She was up in the night for a few hours coughing and wheezing.  It seemed worse than a common cold so she skipped daycare and spent the day with her Nana.  My Mom later brought her to work and I took her over to the doctor.  They looked her over and said if it's just a cold it will go away but if she gets a bad fever in a few days to bring her back.  That's normally the sign of an ear infection.  She seemed to recover over the weekend and we thought we were in the clear until Monday night she wouldn't let me put her down.  She was pretty moody and whining.  Tuesday morning she seemed fine so I took her to daycare.  Shortly after getting to work our daycare provider called to say she had a fever.  She said she would call back if Tylenol didn't take care of it.  By the time I came to get her the Tylenol had worn off and she was in rough shape.  I called our doctor and they were able to get us in.  He looked her over and decided she had an ear infection, so we are back on amoxicillin.

Luckily I have the day off today so this is what we are doing....

She is in LOVE with Minnie Mouse right now.  She hugs and cuddles Minnie all day long and often calls for her.  She also loves Mickey Mouse Club house so she is spending sometime today resting on the couch and watching her favourite show!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Indian Summer

By this time in Canada it is normally getting really cold.  While I love the fall, I could really live without the cold damp days that often come with it.  Just last weekend I was expressing my frustration as we ran from the car into the fall.  It was so cold out it took about 15 minutes for me to warm up.  This was definitely not the case today.  Today the weather in Canada was 74, to me it felt way warmer.  My Dad originally had the pool scheduled to be closed last week but since the forecast was so nice he post-poned it until next week.  Good thing because The Girl wanted to swim!

We wanted to be outside and thought we just might go for a swim.  As always the second we got in their backyard Elle headed straight for the pool, she would just leap in if we let her.  I had actually brought her bathing suit but she never made it into her suit she was not patient enough.  I took her shoes off and put her toes in the water hoping to discourage the idea of swimming.  The air was warm enough but the water was certainly not (water temp. 62 degrees).  By the time her feet were in she got her shorts wet and then her shirt as she kicked her feet and squealed with delight getting Matt and I wet.  I eventually just stripped her down and let her go to it.  Luckily, Popa loves his babies more than we do because he was willing to go in with her.  She definitely outlasted him though.  She would have swam all afternoon if we let her.  Following her swim Popa stood in the sun to warm up while our polar bear baby sat on my lap in a towel eating a popsicle.

It was too cold to be in too long, that did not stop The Girl.

She would just dive in if we let her.  No fear!
Cheesey popsicle grin!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Apple Picking

For Matt, Fall starts the first week of college football.  For Me, fall is defined and in full swing once we take our annual apple picking trip.  I have done this since I was a child and Matt has agreed reluctantly...I actually think he loves it.

We have grown a lot since last year, you can read about our trip last year here.

Chudleigh's is the local farm that we love to visit.  When you look at it from an accounting perspective it is a total rip, who pays $7 a person to pick their own fruit.  It must be the experience that's worth it.

They have a petting zoo which Elle loved...see how much she loved the pony?  Keep that image in your mind.

We rode the tractor out to pick apples.  We handed on to Elle and she went right at it.  I thought she might hold it or carry it around with her but she knew it was edible and dug right in.

She also wanted to show just how big she was by carrying our apples.  Matt eventually got her a bag of her own with only two apples in it.  She was so proud of herself.

Remember when I said to remember how much she loved the pony?  Apparently that did not translate into riding a pony.  My in-laws will remember how excited I was to take Elle on the carousel when we were in Toronto.  Taking her on the pony ride was much like that.  Last year when we were apple picking I saw the pony rides and thought next year I will take her on that, she will love it...or will she?  You tell me.  

We made it about five steps before she had successfully climbed back into my arms.  I wrestled her on for a few more steps but really what kind of Mother forces her crying baby to go on a pony ride.  We paid $3 to walk beside the pony.  

Maybe next year?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Busy Mommy...

Elle loves all of her babies and is such a good Mommy.  
These two generally live in the car and she cuddles them all the way to where we are going.
She's got her hands full.