Monday, May 31, 2010

Never Fear, Gigi is Here!!!

We were released from the hospital Friday morning and arrived home at about 10 in the morning.  Matt and I settled in and started are life as a family of three. Once we had unpacked, fed Elle and put her down for a nap we were laying in bed together (supposed to be sleeping...Rule #1 Sleep when Baby Sleeps) talking about how nice it would be if Tricia could come visit.  We quickly decided it would have to happen so with help from Benny we tricked/convinced her to come visit.  She was booked and on a plane that same day.  I don't even know where to begin to thank her for her visit.  She was so helpful and we were so grateful to have her around.  It was so  much easier with a third set of hands and I was able to rest so much more than I would have been able to had she not come.  We went shopping and bought all kinds of great things for Baby Elle.  Not knowing the gender forced us to hold off on getting baby clothes until she was born, but we have quickly changed that.  Elle was the perfect little shopper, making me very excited for many more trips!!!

 Elle with her Gigi

Elle Shopping

Matt and I also want to send a huge thank-you to both of our families and friends for all the love and generosity we have been blessed with.  All the coffees, magazines, meals, flowers, gifts  and love have not gone unnoticed.  We are so grateful for everyone of you and so happy that you all love our Little Elle as much as we do already!

We took Elle to the doctor today for her first check-up and they said she was perfect.  They apparently measured her wrong at the hospital and she is actually 19 1/4 inches long.  She left the hospital at 6 pounds 12 oz (which is a 10% loss and perfectly normal) but is already up to 6 pounds 14 oz so well on her way to being  a healthy baby girl!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Show Me The Baby!!!!

As you can probably tell I have hi-jacked my wife's blog. However I have done it just for yall. I figured yall would like to see some pictures of our beautiful baby girl!

Elle Ryan Davis
May 26th, 2010
2:29 p.m.
7 lbs. 6 oz.
No idea how long...sorry.

I dont know if this one is appropriate or not (rookie mistake?) but this is the first photo taken of Elle right before they did all of their measurements. 

This is officially our first Family photo less than 30 minutes after Elle was born. Doesn't Chelsey look amazing that soon after such an......event.

First bath.

This was taken right after her first bath in the outfit her Mommy picked out for her. She had just eaten and our nurse, Ilene, was showing Chels the best way to burp her. As you can see in the previous picture Ilene was amazing. By far the best nurse in the hospital.

This picture is for all of you that said I would have to change diapers one day. You were kinda right and kinda wrong. I did attempt it but was unsuccessful. Since then no one has let me near her when it is diaper changing time.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Anticipating the Day

I just got back from the OB and this appointment was so much better than the last.  My doctor was super upbeat and told me I am next on his list to deliver.  That made me pretty excited as we are getting very close now.  I put the pound and a half back on that I lost last week which is very good and made him happy and the heartbeat was slow and steady and my blood pressure was great.  He said there is a 50/50 chance I will deliver in the next 24 to 48 hours but if not he wants to see me in his office on Friday which is our actual due date.  Matt is so excited but is hoping that he gets his softball game in tomorrow night and golf game in Thursday night.  I just rolled my eyes.  Here's my prediction...if it's a girl she will wait patiently for the perfect timing for her Daddy and if it's a boy...let the games begin!

We had a great long weekend together.  We spent a lot of time by my parents pool with my family.  The weather was amazing so we spent time sitting around the pool hanging out with our niece and nephew.  It was really nice to just relax and eat all weekend long.

   Abby, slept most of the day.  She loved being out in the fresh air!

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Official Nursery Reveal!

After more than three months of work we have finally completed the Nursery and with a full week to spare.  Matt was in charge of all the manual projects (sanding, painting and hanging things) while I took care of the styling and details (colours, sewing and and setting up the room).   I am so grateful for all of Matt's hard work.  He has been so helpful and has had great ideas as well.  This is probably our favourite room in our house.  We have spent many nights in there together  working on things for the baby or just talking.  Usually one of us in the glider and one on the floor.  We laugh that the coolest room is for our unborn child.  I guess that shows a parent's natural love for their child.  There is a section in our baby book to write "Special Things Done for Baby's Nursery".  There is not nearly enough room in that book to record all the things done for this room.  Matt painted the dresser, all the walls, baseboards, and doors as they were all ugly beige.  You've all read about how long it took to get the crib.  I sewed the bumper pads and drapes with the help of my amazing Nana....I would have been so lost without her help.  I sketched the tree on the wall and Matt painted it in.  Our glider was custom ordered....everything was chosen specifically for this baby.  The only things left to do is to put the name above the crib when the baby arrives and to add either blue or pink accents once we know girl or boy.  Matt's parents bought the Baby a Pottery Barn gift card for Christmas and I have already found toy bins, bed sheets and change pad covers that we will order as soon as we know which colour to select.  Now all that's missing is a baby...let's go little one, we are ready!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

38 and a half weeks...OR maybe only 37 weeks

Normally I blog right away after our doctor's appointment but I had to take a day or two after our most recent appointment. I was super excited to go, probably the most excited I have been this whole pregnancy because we had recently had an ultrasound and I was anxious to hear all about it. The ultrasound had been rather disappointing because the technician wouldn't tell me anything and didn't even give me a picture at the end. It was so sad, why else do you go but for the picture? Anyway she kept saying your doctor will get a report and tell at your next appointment so I was clearly looking forward to hearing all about our little Goober.

Our appointment was later in the afternoon than normal so Matt wasn't able to make it so I went by myself. It started by me weighing in at a pound and a half lighter then last time. So I lost weight instead of gaining weight this week. I thought this was pretty funny and texted Matt at work with the good news. Well clearly I am not a doctor, because at this point I should not be losing weight. I got a little scolding but told him I didn't do anything different? My weight gain has been so gain, minimal gain, huge gain, then a loss? I eat when I am hungry and don't when I'm not. It definitely isn't from the lack of ice cream I'm eating...that's the one thing I can't say no to, and am taking full advantage of during this tubby time in my life.

The rest of the appointment went well but I didn't get any of the "good news" I was hoping for. The ultrasound showed that our baby is in the 47th percentile which is great, that means size wise we are not the smallest baby or the largest we are right in the middle. My online research has told me that the baby is likely about 6.5 lbs right now. Great news if I was delivering today because it would be nice and small but bad news if I really am hoping to deliver today because it is pretty small and will likely stay snuggled up for a while yet. When they went looking for the baby's heart beat it was also on the opposite side it normally is, which means the baby has enough room to still flip itself all the way's not squished enough yet.

The ultrasound also said that I am likely only 37 weeks pregnant now instead of 38 which to most people sounds like no big deal but to a prego woman this is a travesty. All other checks on the ultrasound we got a perfect score on so the baby looks great. The heartbeat was strong and my blood pressure was great (they took it before they told me I was only 37 weeks prego). The baby has not yet dropped as I had predicted it had, so the sciatica pain I am feeling is in preparation for the drop not the actual drop. Basically I was expecting to go in and have them say any day now and I left with a definite see you next week. Baby Davis is a little to comfy in there and will not be making it's arrival for a little while yet.

So we continue to wait. We are spending as much time together and trying to enjoy our last few weeks of freedom. The one good thing about Baby Davis staying put is that it's a lot easier to take care of inside of me then least that's what I've been told.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

38 Weeks Tomorrow

We had an utlrasound today and I am proud to announce that we had no issues. Matt was on his best behavior and it all went very smooth. It was exciting for us to see how much bigger our baby was this time compared to our first one at 20 weeks. We could see the lips, nose and eyes as well as a chubby little arm and a scrunched up knee. The heart was beating perfectly which was also really neat to see and when they changed the view we could see the ribs and skeletal system. The only disappointing thing is that the technician didn't tell me ANYTHING. I asked her if the baby looked like it had dropped and she said she couldn't tell and I asked her if the baby looked big and she said that would all be in the report they send to our OB. I guess the technicians are told not to say anything at all, it all goes in a report that is sent to our doctor. Its kinda nerve racking though because they stare at the screen the entire time they are checking things and they don't say anything at all to you until the end when they show you some of the body parts. Luckily we don't have to wait too long to hear the results since we are back at the OB on Monday.

Monday, May 10, 2010

37 Weeks

My attempt at an artsy shot kinda looks scary....oops. This is a super trendy drying rack we bought from Target and I have since seen at stores up here to hold all the little baby pieces after you sanitize them. I love it! It looks like green grass and makes any kitchen super trendy.

I went to the doctor today for my now weekly appointments. Everything looks great. The baby is sitting very low which means it's dropped but not dropped ready to deliver dropped. This is good though it means the baby is at least getting ready to come out...maybe not as soon as I would like but eventually. The heart rate was slow but strong so all of you who have predicted it will be a boy are most likely right if the wives tale is true. I only gained 1/2 a pound this week (thank goodness...seeing as last time I gained almost 5 pounds) and my blood pressure was great. We have an ultrasound booked for Thursday of this week that we are excited for. Tonight I am going to my Nana's to work on, and get help with, the bumper pads and that should complete the work on the Nursery. We are getting very close and ready for Baby Davis!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

36 Weeks and counting!!!!

There is a drastic difference in this picture and last post. Baby Davis has hit a growth spurt and is clearly preparing itself for arrival. My weight gain has been minimal over the last 34 weeks but between 34 and 36 weeks I gained...brace yourself...4.5 pounds!!!! I am currently supposed to gain a pound a week until this week and then pretty much slow down or stop, but instead I doubled the weight gain. I nearly died when I saw the probably didn't help that Matt was like WOW when he saw the scale. Literally overnight I am a fully prego woman!

We were at the doctor yesterday, which is why we know the exact weight gain, and again everything looks good. Heartbeat was healthy and my blood pressure was great. Dr. Mayr had a student with him and asked if we minded her learning from our appointment. We didn't care so she came in and got to feel the baby and find the heartbeat (she was super sweet and so excited to find the made it more fun). Dr. Mayr was happy and said I had a perfect learning belly because Goober started kicking when he asked the student where she thought the feet were. Goober helped her out and made it super easy for her to find the positioning. Mayr was also asking if she could tell which way the baby was facing and he claimed that he could feel the babies nose (which is rare) this made me a little concerned that our child will have an abnormally large nose! I don't think Matt or I have big noses but maybe??? He finished all his checks and discussed our "birth plan" with us. I call it the "birth plan" because we basically said we want to do everything natural unless we change our mind, so in essence our "plan" is that we have no plan. He is really great and supportive of what we want. My plan is to do it drug free but lets be honest the goal is having a baby and that will happen either way so if it takes too long I will go for the drugs.

Dr. Mayr was impressed with how calm I was and said I seem very relaxed, he did say however that he was worried about Matt and that he didn't seem too relaxed. He suggested that Matt bring a favourite toy or stuffed animal to help him relax at the hospital. I appreciated that comment a lot seeing as Matt always says he is way more relaxed then me! I guess we will see on delivery day! Feel free to send Matt calming messages or treats to keep him occupied!

We also selected coming home from the hospital outfits for Goober. In all of my first posts I was convinced Goober was a girl but now I really think it's a idea why. All the clothing we have bought for the baby so far are for boy babies maybe it's a sign? Either way we each selected an outfit, Matt picked the boys outfit and I picked the girl outfit so we will see which one we get to use.