Saturday, June 25, 2011

Family Affair

Today was my office's 10th Annual Walk/Run to raise money for women experiencing an unplanned pregnancies.  I was so grateful that my family came out to support me and the work I do.  Matt ran the 5 Km run and then walked the 5 Km Family walk with my family.  Here's how the girls did.

I think they had a good time (Ps. How fun is this double stroller?  Elle loves taking a turn in there with one of her cousins whenever we are out together) .  I'm not going to lie...I was up at 6 am to set things up so I was a little jealous of how cozy they looked!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Getting Ready to Go...

Elle went and got her hair cut today.  She is such a big girl and was so good.  Look how sweet she looks. other exciting news.  Elle is 2 for 2 for sitting on the potty and going on the potty.  She is so proud of herself!  The first time we went in I was singing her songs while we waited to "accidentally" go.  So the second time I took her in she started clapping her hands...she wanted to sing "If Your Happy and You Know It".  I think she's Happy about the potty!  So is Mommy!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Florida, here we come....again!

Only a few days until we are on our way back down to Florida. 
The laundry is started and plans are in place. 
It is also time to spiffy up! 
The Girl is headed to the hair dresser tomorrow (I'm sure Matt is too)!!!! We can't wait to see you all.  Love you lots and lots!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Matt's Birthday Weekend

On Monday Matt will be 25!  

Last year for hist Birthday Weekend we went to Centre Island in Toronto.

This year we did the same thing only a weekend early so it was a combined Elle and Matt Birthday Weekend!

She has definitely grown in a year.  Last year this was a brave trip for us to take with her being so young.  This year it was pretty easy!  We had a wonderful time and I expect we will return many times in the future.  

We were scared the peacock would get him so we took a picture. :)

I used to love this carousel when I was little.  This time I was terrified.

Finished the day with her first,  of many I'm sure, Starbucks