Tuesday, April 20, 2010

34 Weeks down....3-6 weeks left!

Goober is 34 1/2 weeks old! We went to see our OB today for a regular check-up and everything went great! I have gained another pound which was so surprising because I have spent the last two weeks polishing off my Godiva Bunny from Matt and 3 bags of chocolate mini-eggs. I thought for sure they were going to yell at me and tell me to slow down. I think this is the direct result of Matt's young genes and quick metabolism. Goober is working off the weight with the somersaults and water aerobics I feel all day everyday. Our little baby is very active leaving us with zero concerns for it's health. The heart beat was very slow today (124 beats a minute) which is a boy beat, I think this was a total coincidence because during our appointment was the only time this baby wasn't moving today. I had a couple of complaints of pains that I am feeling and as always these not only are normal, but they are good things. That's what you like to hear...the pain you are feeling is good, there is nothing we can do to help you. Our doctor even told Matt to say "that's really good honey" when I complain to him. Can you tell our OB is a man? They have no idea. All joking aside it seems as though we are having a text book pregnancy and so we don't go back for another two weeks at which time we discuss our "plan" and talk about delivery. After this appointment we will book an ultrasound and I start going once a week. They should be able to give us a better idea of how close to our due date they expect the baby to arrive. Once we hit 37 weeks (May 7th) the baby is free to come at any point. So I plan to deliver May 7th...any other guesses?

Matt with his diaper bag. A brown suede diaper dude bag. Very manly!!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Our Crib

We picked up the crib Saturday and Matt had it all put together shortly after we got home. We were so happy that there were no problems with this crib! It is perfect and looks so good! Totally worth the wait to get exactly what we wanted. It was a little shocking to actually see it set up in the room. The nursery has been under construction for so long and this was the first time we realized that a baby will sleep in here shortly! Next step, making the crib bedding, then completed pictures will be posted. I head to the doctor tomorrow for a check up, I am hoping they say "as soon as your bedding is done your baby will be born". Wouldn't that be great timing?

Friday, April 16, 2010

How hard is it to get a crib?

So seriously...most people have a hard time getting pregnant, we have a hard time getting a crib! Our crib was delivered at 8:30 Thursday morning. Bless Matt's heart for getting up and helping the man move the new crib in and take the old crib out. Problem was the new crib was not the crib we ordered. What are the chances? Somewhere along the line the "custom ordered crib" was either ordered wrong or shipped wrong. So needless to say we are one day closer to having a baby and we still don't have a crib. Good news though...since the "custom crib" took 4 weeks to order when the first one was all banged up and I could technically have the baby by then I got on the phone and called every Baby store within a two hour radius and found our exact crib in stock at a store in Toronto. Here is the best part....it's $100 cheaper there then the original crib. So I paid for it over the phone and they are holding it for us. This is HUGE because as I called around I found a couple stores that could order the crib for us but it would be 3-10 wks (time we don't have) AND most of them were WAY more money then we originally spent. Who knew there was such a mark-up on cribs???? Anyway we are headed to Toronto tomorrow to go to a Jay's game so we are going to finally (fingers crossed) get our crib!!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Finally on it's Way!!!

Our crib is FINALLY on it's way. It's in Oakville and will delivered to our house tomorrow sometime and the old banged up crib will be taken away! I am soooooooooo excited! Ours is in cottage white to match our gray and white theme in the nursery. It feels like we have been waiting forever for this crib but once it is in our home it will only be a matter of days before our nursery is complete and pictures are posted. By complete I mean done as much as possible until we know whether Goober is a girl or a boy and we add accent colours. Renovating the Nursery with Matt has been so fun. He has worked so hard and I appreciate him so much. Goober will be able to feel the love in that room. We have started to move somethings into their spot such as the glider and the dresser/change table. We tested our "walkie talkies" the other night and we are all set. So excited to have our crib ready for our little one!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

32 Almost 33 Weeks!

Matt and I went to our OB again yesterday. I feel like we are there a lot more often then just every two weeks. I think we only have one more two week appointment and then we are there once a week then I'll really feel like I live there. Our OB was in such a good mood and all wound up because he had delivered Abby Paige just a few days earlier. He is so excited to be delivering cousins so close together. The appointment went really well. I am gaining the perfect amount of weight (I give full credit to Matt's amazing Easter basket he bought me), and the baby is still in the right spot. Goober is doing complete somersaults everyday. I no longer feel as many kicks or jabs, I instead see an entire wave of movement from one side of my stomach to the other. It is pretty neat now because we can feel more distinguished body parts and the baby likes to play. The other night when Matt and I were on the couch together he was poking my stomach and the baby would kick back where he was poking. The baby would follow his voice and give a little jab where Matt was calling it to. Matt was able to kinda grab its little foot too which he thought was cool. Very cute!

Our next appointment is April 20 and at that appointment they will set up another ultra-sound for us to make sure the baby is in the right spot and ready to go. We are going to try and visit a different ultra-sound clinic to avoid any awkwardness between Matt and the office staff. Mayr, our OB, has told me I have to stay pregnant until at least 37 weeks, after that I can have it whenever I want. We are hoping for an early delivery like Abby which if our baby comes in our timing I'll only be pregnant for about 4 more weeks! Yeah!!!!!

The nursery is coming along. We are still waiting on our crib which is a pain but we have purchased a change pad to go on top of the dresser we are painting and all kinds of other baby necessities including our new walkie talkies (baby monitor), as Matt calls them. All at once the nursery will be all set. I'll post pictures as soon as it starts to come together.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Abigail Paige Irvine

Ten days early, but still entirely perfect, Abigail Paige Irvine was born. April 1 at around lunch time Abby, at 7 lbs even, made Lindsay and Jared the Million Dollar Family. A perfect little boy, followed by a precious little girl. We were so excited to welcome her to the family. Look at how perfect she is. She is the first girl grand-baby on both sides of her family so she is sure to be super spoiled. Now there is no pressure, Matt and I can have whatever we want!