Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why do pregnant women waddle when they walk?

...because it is the only way they can!
Here we are at 31 weeks pregnant. I was telling someone just the other day that I was feeling really good not super huge and then I woke up the next morning feeling like I was going to explode. I think your body grows and then you get used to it for a few days and then it grows and you have to get used to it all over again. I have found myself waddling more and more for the sole purpose of getting around. I think it's more evident when I am tired and it is taking extra energy for me to get from one location to the next. Sleeping again is tough as there is so much extra body in the bed right now. Matt says he is having a hard time too with a baby whale flipping around beside him. At least he calls "us" a baby whale....he is so sensitive!

We seem to fill each weekend with something else "baby". This weekend we went and picked up our glider for the nursery (we ordered it 6 weeks ago). I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Could not be any happier with the one we got. I was so excited to put it in the nursery and sit on it for the first time. I go into the nursery everyday and sit on it for just a minute. It is the only thing that is complete and in it's place in the nursery as we are still waiting for our crib to be replaced, to get our dresser and for me to make the bedding for the crib. The glider though is there and beautiful! We are so grateful for the gift that helped us purchase it. Matt didn't love it when I picked it out but even he said the other day that it looked really nice and he was happy we got it! Sometimes I have to convince him of my taste.

Our beautiful glider, love how modern and trendy it is.

Our car-seat! Love this so much as well. Matt surprised me with this one night when I was feeling so unprepared. I told him they wouldn't let us bring the baby home from the hospital until we had one...I was only 61/2 months pregnant! Hahah but he made me so happy with the surprise.

This is the bag I have chosen for my diaper bag. It's actually a Lululemon gym bag but I love it so much. It is perfect because it has lots of pockets and a wipe out lining and it was cheaper than most of the other diaper bags online. Matt hates it and told me he wouldn't walk beside me when I carry it, but since he also said he wasn't going to change diapers I don't really care. It's my bag, not his and not really the baby's. Matt was so concerned because there is pink on the zipper...he was like what if it's a boy? I had to again explain to him that people will not judge our baby by the bag it's mother chooses to carry. He wants his own man-bag, which is totally fine, but I hope it's not too masculine...what if the baby is a girl??? LOL Love you Matt!!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

30 Week Scare!

Today we had a little scare with our baby. I woke up feeling crappy and tried to work. I kept having severe stomach pain so I tried laying down for a little while but when that didn't work I called Matt to see what I should do. I was having shots of pain through my stomach followed by Braxton hicks contractions. The Braxton hicks have become fairly normal however they were one on top of the other which is not normal. Everything online says if they start coming one after another to call your OB or head to the hospital. So Matt came home and we called our OB. He suggested Tylenol and rest. We had a regular appointment scheduled for 2pm today anyway so he said we would talk more when we got there. Matt was so sweet he laid with me and rubbed my stomach when it was contracting, I could tell he was pretty worried about us. It was really nice to have him there to tell me I wasn't imagining things and that he would take care of me. We went to the doctor later and they seem to think I have some sort of a gastro-intestinal infection. It could be anything from a flu bug to, food poisoning they aren't too sure but said I would be fine. Apparently my stomach is contracting so consistently because it's unhappy about the pain but that we shouldn't be worried about it. The baby had stopped moving around a lot but started moving and kicking again later which is a good thing. I am just supposed to be super picky about what I eat the next few days and try to rest. It was such a relief that nothing bad was wrong but still really scary and weird.

On a better note....the rest of the check went well. I haven't gained anymore weight. I am supposed to be gaining a pound a week right now but I haven't had much of an appetite. The baby had a strong heart beat but was up in the girl range today. We are scheduled to go back again in 2 weeks but to definitely call him if we have any issues before then. Goober is keeping us guessing...lots of fun!

Friday, March 19, 2010


It has been a tremendous blessing to be pregnant at the same time as my sister Lindsay. At first I felt so bad as it seems that Matt and I crash in on all their celebrations.

They had Caleb, we got married!

They had their second baby, we had our first!

But as time goes by I look at it as such a blessing and I think Lindsay does too. How many sisters get to celebrate these special moments together.....especially having cousins! I call or email Linds on a regular basis asking stupid first time Mom questions about what to buy or what to expect. She is always so sweet to me and never makes me feel silly. I am sure there will be many more calls to her once our little baby is here. We nick-named this second Baby, Baby Olive which makes us think it's a girl. Lindsay is due about six weeks before me and from these pictures it looks like Baby Olive could probably beat up Baby Goober. Hahah what are cousins for!

AND....not to leave Paige out of the prego party! No she is not pregnant, but she is a super supportive Aunt. This is Paige shopping with me trying to convince me that maternity clothing really isn't that bad. I think the bump looks good on her.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Isn't this always the way....

Isn't this always the way....people come to visit and you have the worst weather ever and the second they get back on the plane the weather is beautiful? Matt's parents and Miss Katie came and spent the weekend visiting with us at our new place. The weather had been beautiful leading up to their arrival and then it rained, snowed and turned back into rain the entire time that they were visiting. It figures...last time my poor Floridian friends came to Canada in March we had 6 foot high snowbanks. This was better than snow, however it would have been nice to have nicer weather. This picture is of Matt "grilling out" for the first time on our back deck after he got home from dropping his parents at the airport. I swear the second they got on the plane the sun came out. Hopefully we can provide nicer weather in June when they are back to help with Grandbaby Davis!!!! Regardless of the weather we had a wonderful time with them. It was super exciting for us to show them around our new place, show them the progress on the nursery (pictures coming soon) and show them some of the items we are still purchasing as we get closer to the due date.
As Matt and I spent time making dinner together tonight and reflecting on our time with our family we can't help but feel overwhelmed by how blessed we are to be part of two great families. We are so excited to have our baby and watch our own little family grow. We want our families to know that we are so grateful for the amazing Godly examples they have been for us and we hope that we are able to provide our child with the same loving environment we've grown up in. As we sat on our back deck and ate together (that's right we ate outside in March in Canada...it was awesome) we both felt so blessed for how far we have come this year. The move was tough and still has it's pros and cons but we are grateful for jobs, a beautiful home and the excitement of a new arrival. This by far has been one of the hardest and one of the most rewarding years of either of our lives and we are so blessed to have so much support from everyone who loves us. Thank you all for being part of our lives!
Friends came to join us for dinner!!!

How great is the view from our deck? We anticipate many more deck dinners!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Baby Update

I had another doctors appointment today with my OB. This was the last monthly check-up, as I am now 28 weeks pregnant and in my 3rd trimester. I now start going every two weeks until closer to the end where I visit him every week until delivery. Everything went really well. I have gained 14 pounds so far and the baby is exactly where it needs to be. We had a slow beat today (136/min), meaning boy, but Dr. Mayr loves girl babies so he's still hoping it's a girl! I was a little concerned as I have been having braxton hicks contractions but they said not to worry about them, the rate that I am experiencing them is normal. Apparently my body is just practicing...lovely. I am having a hard time sleeping due to being rather uncomfortable...I feel huge, but again this is normal and the books again say this is my body practicing. Personally I am sick of practicing and rather ready to have a reason for these uncomfortable feelings but that will come soon enough.

This weekend Matt and I went to the hospital to celebrate the birth of Tim and Jen's baby girl(friend's from Crestwicke). She is their second baby, they have a 2 year old Luke who Matt's best friends with, and were so shocked to have a baby girl. We were so excited to celebrate with them. We stopped to get coffees on our way to the hospital and Matt said this can be like our practice drive for when your in labour. I laughed but then got a little worried when I actually did have to tell him where to turn. Then when we got to the hospital Matt parked the car, hopped out and ran around to get the coffee from me so I could get out. As I opened the door for him he smirked and said can you turn the car off and hand me my keys. It was really funny, he was just too excited for Baby Charlotte and the anticipation of us having our baby. Luckily we will have at least one more practice to the hospital when Lindsay and Jared have their baby in April before we make our trip. Funny enough on our way back to the car Matt and I both commented on how relaxing our visit was with Tim and Jen. It was calming to be there with experienced parents to show us it wasn't that big of a deal. These practices are good for us.
It seems like I have been pregnant forever but I am sure its going to fly now. I remember Jen and Tim telling us they were pregnant and they are the first of 4 babies in a row before June (We are the last ones). Now that they have kicked us off it will fly, one baby after another until our little Goober is here.

Matt was super relaxed with Charlotte and he successfully stopped her from fussing a few times. He is going to be great!

Notice the slight look of terror in my eyes, realizing I am 10 ish weeks away from this!!! She doesn't look at all scared she was perfectly calm.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

36-1155 Gordon Street

Here are the long awaited pictures of our new "adult" home. Matt and I feel so blessed and thankful everyday for this new place. It is so much bigger than any other place we have ever lived together. When we leave one room we can't see the room we just came from. It's so great! Here are a few highlights from the tour:

This is the Master Bedroom:
This is only half of it there is a whole empty half on the other side of the room. It also includes his and her closets. If there was ever a couple that needed these it's Matt and I. We LOVE them! Some colour needs to be added to this room. They painted the entire house beige.

This is the sitting area off the dinning room, main floor.

Dinning Room. Between this and the sitting area there is a walk out deck. Our deck looks onto wet lands. It is so private and we are super excited to "grill out", or bbq if your Canadian, this summer.

This is the kitchen beside the dinning room with my island and pot rack....hahah I haven't lost my mind, the cardboard box represents where Matt and my brother-in-law Jared are going to build me an island with a pot rack above. I ran out of cupboard space, hence my pots and pans are still living in a box.

Front on view of the Kitchen.
That's all for now. Matt has started the nursery so I will post pictures very soon! We are running into paint colour issues. We loved the paint sample, we like the colour it looks on the paper towels we clean up with but on the walls it is so blue. We are trying to decide whether to try a second coat or to go get the colour tinted. Appearently gray is the hardest colour in the world. I will keep you posted on our/ Matt's progress!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Sexiest Man Alive!!!

Matt had a bet with his boss with regards to the Canada vs. USA hockey game. If the USA won Matt was allowed to hang a poster up in their office. Since he didn't have a poster when the USA beat Canada in the round robin game a week ago, Matt wore his team USA jacket to work. Unfortunately Brant was out of the office on vacation for this day. Today, following the GOLD medal game last night Brant was ready to make Matt sport his jersey as a result of the Americans losing! He looks pretty good looking to me in that jersey don't you think? I love my American!!!! He took his loss like a man!