Monday, June 11, 2012

Elle's Second Birthday Party

Since the party was delayed a week, we had more time to plan fun things but, it also conflicted with one of my fundraisers.  Lucky for me, Matt is super Dad and jumped right in to help.  One of the best memories of her 2nd Birthday for me is definitely creating this Minnie Mouse cake with Matt.  What a great party planner.

I made Minnie Mouse ears for the girl and I loved how they turned out.

 ...and couldn't leave Caleb out...we made him his own set of Mickey ears.

 Popa bought a new shirt for the event.  This kids were a little unsure but I appreciated the shout out to the Minnie themed party.

And when the kids started getting tired and the adults wanted to continue visiting, we sent the kids to a corner to watch a movie on an ipod...what did people do before ipods.  :)