Friday, February 19, 2010

VA last weekend, Moving this weekend!

Life in the Davis family is crazy as usual! We must bring it on ourselves. We spent last weekend visiting our friends in Lynchburg, VA. We flew out Friday night and returned Monday night. We ended up spending the night in Dulles on Friday night which was definitely not the plan but we had to learn patients and flexibility, skills that will come in handy in June I'm sure. It was the first time we have been back to Virginia since moving to Canada almost 10 months ago. Although our flights caused some stress, once we were there is was so fun to see our friends and celebrate Valentine's Day, the arrival of a new baby and the anticipation of many more babies yet to be born in 2010! It was wonderful to see our friends. Our trip confirmed for us that our friendships made in VA are invaluable and we are so grateful for the wonderful people God brought into our life during our first year of marriage.

This weekend we are moving. It is literally 5 minutes down the road from where we live but I have moved way too many times. You would think I would get better at it the more I do it, yet for some reason it is still such a pain. We are so excited about our new place and the room it will give us. We are moving from a one bedroom, one bathroom condo to a three bedroom, three bathroom town house. We took a load over last night and it seemed like a mansion to us. Matt's excited to have a basement for the first time in his life and I am excited to start the nursery and set up my office somewhere other then our dining room table. Matt's been calling it our adult home which makes me laugh. We have been rather transient for the past 7 years being students and living with other students. I don't think either of us have lived in one place for more than 10 months at a time. Our plan is to make this least for now :) . It's a big move for us though as this is the home we will start our family. How exciting! I will post pictures once we get settled a little. I will also post pictures of the nursery transformation. This is Matt's big project for the next couple of weeks!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Baby Tiger

There is so much to update on right now but we are running out the door to fly to Lynchburg to visit all our friends. I wanted to take a second though to post this which Matt sent me yesterday. 2010 is the year of the Tiger according to the Chinese calender. The calender operates on a 12 year system therefore Matt was also a year of the Tiger 2 cycles ago. Check out the link below. For those of you who know Matt really well I am sure you will get a laugh. I am really in for it if Goober is a Tiger like Matt.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Goober Saying Hello!

I feel Goober move around a lot more and the kicking has become very strong (even as I am typing here someone is kicking my ribs). Christmas day was the first time Matt was able to feel movement but it was just little flutters. You had to push in to really feel it. A few nights ago we were sitting watching tv and I told Matt to pause the tv and look at my stomach. It was hilarious to watch the little thumps all over. The biggest kick is at about 10 seconds in the middle of the screen, followed by a few short ones that shake my stomach. I took this video myself, hence why my stomach looks so huge, it's not really THAT big. Matt says I am breathing too heavy...whatever! If you watch really carefully you can see our little friend saying hello to all of you!!!!