Friday, May 21, 2010

The Official Nursery Reveal!

After more than three months of work we have finally completed the Nursery and with a full week to spare.  Matt was in charge of all the manual projects (sanding, painting and hanging things) while I took care of the styling and details (colours, sewing and and setting up the room).   I am so grateful for all of Matt's hard work.  He has been so helpful and has had great ideas as well.  This is probably our favourite room in our house.  We have spent many nights in there together  working on things for the baby or just talking.  Usually one of us in the glider and one on the floor.  We laugh that the coolest room is for our unborn child.  I guess that shows a parent's natural love for their child.  There is a section in our baby book to write "Special Things Done for Baby's Nursery".  There is not nearly enough room in that book to record all the things done for this room.  Matt painted the dresser, all the walls, baseboards, and doors as they were all ugly beige.  You've all read about how long it took to get the crib.  I sewed the bumper pads and drapes with the help of my amazing Nana....I would have been so lost without her help.  I sketched the tree on the wall and Matt painted it in.  Our glider was custom ordered....everything was chosen specifically for this baby.  The only things left to do is to put the name above the crib when the baby arrives and to add either blue or pink accents once we know girl or boy.  Matt's parents bought the Baby a Pottery Barn gift card for Christmas and I have already found toy bins, bed sheets and change pad covers that we will order as soon as we know which colour to select.  Now all that's missing is a baby...let's go little one, we are ready!

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