Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My how she's grown....

We were looking at old pictures of Elle as a baby and decided to try and re-create this photo.

Here's our attempt...

She's a little bigger now...I am actually impressed Matt was able to do it at all!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Elle's Garden

Nana and Grandad, this post is for you!

Two years ago when Elle was first born Nana and Grandad came to visit and Grandad worked on what was eventually named Elle's garden.    He spent time pulling weeds and planting flowers to make a back garden beautiful.  Two years later we spent a Saturday as a family in the garden.  We pulled the weeds and tidied it up to make it look pretty out our basement doors.  

Elle LOVED helping!
Anything Matt did, Elle did!!!

Matt and Elle worked hard all morning while I laughed, took pictures, applied sunscreen, got drinks and made lunch for my gardening team.

What a big girl!  I love watching her mimic Matt and I as she grows and explores her world!