Saturday, January 23, 2010

Working Nine to Five What a Way to Make a Living

I am pleased to announce that I will be starting a new job on Monday working for Muskoka Woods Youth Foundation. Some of you knew I was interviewing for this job and had even received an offer for them however, we were waiting for final conformation from a meeting with the board of directors. Since it is a non-profit organization the board had to approve the budget which happened on Thursday of this week. I will be taking care of the fund raising letters as well as working on grants and doing donor research for them. I will be working primarily from home and visiting their Toronto office when needed. Once the baby comes I will take a shortened maternity leave and likely return part-time, but again from home. Muskoka Woods is a Christian sports camp where I will be helping raise money for new facilities, scholarships for counselors, and raising funds to send under privileged kids to camp. Here is the website for the camp Matt is super excited as one of the components of my job includes spending some time at the camp this summer. The plan right now would be for Matt to come with me and help with the baby while I'm there. He is excited because the camp has the same boat as the Davis Family. I keep reminding him that he will be the babysitter not a camper when we are there :). It should be pretty interesting!

We are super excited to go back to a somewhat normal schedule. Matt keeps saying "I get my wife back!" While God has continued to provide for our family, working in the factory on the afternoon shift was less than ideal for our life as a young couple. This job not only provides us with flexibility for when the baby comes but it is also exactly what I have been looking for since I started my job search. While trying at times, God has had a clear hand in providing this opportunity at the perfect time and we are so excited!!!

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