Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Meet, Unborn Baby No Name!

Today we got a sneak peak at our little baby Goober. The ultrasound, as most things in our life was very eventful. Were do I even begin...the day started with me drinking as much water as I possibly could. I didn't finish the required amount, but was still bursting at the seams by the end. They took me back to get started and made Matt wait in the waiting room. Since this was unlike the movies Matt was not very impressed that he was left out while they did their measurements. Even though they promised to come get him before it was done Matt was still upset. If you know Matt you know he gets his heart set on something and is devastated when it doesn't pan out, SO....he had words with the receptionist! To make a long story short, the receptionist didn't care that Matt wanted to see his first child and the ladies in the waiting room were totally on this handsome southern man's side. I guess there are two technicians at this imaging place and the female technician allows husbands and the male doesn't (creepy right?) so, just Matt's luck I got the male technician and they didn't let him in. I guess the receptionist was trying to tell Matt it was policy and the other lady patients (clearly more experienced then us) said it wasn't policy it was just that technicians preference. I believe one woman went so far as to call the receptionist a liar. Needless to say Matt was in a weird mood when I finally saw him and didn't know why until we made it back to the car and heard about Matt's shenanigans.

As for the Ultrasound...everything seemed to go really well. We won't know any official results until we see the doctor next week but they did say that I still have the same due date and that Goober was very cooperative. They take all kinds of pictures from all different angles and the baby was very photogenic for all but one. The final photo they needed was blocked by the umbilical cord so they were trying to move the cord or the baby by pushing down on my stomach and shaking with the wand and Goober was kicking like crazy on the other side of my stomach. It was funny because I feel Goober moving all the time but never as strong or as consistent as today. I felt like my baby was saying enough Mommy tell them to leave me alone. I felt the same way by this was super sweet.

All in all it was really precious to see our baby. The head (which resembles Matt's small head...thank goodness) is currently on my left side above my hip with the body across my stomach and feet up by my ribs. While they were showing us our baby it stretched it's arms above it's head. They also showed us the heart beat and an angle that showed the ribs and spine. Even as tiny as our baby is, Goober is almost fully developed. It was so special for us to experience this and makes us all the more excited to see our baby in a few more months.

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