Sunday, January 24, 2010

Crib OR Crate?

My husband is a Saint! He has taken me to almost every baby boutique within an hour radius of our home looking for the perfect crib for Baby Davis. Although I am sure he would love to spend the day on the couch watching football, he would probably admit that he has enjoyed spending time with his "whole family" (as he calls me and Goober) shopping. I unfortunately have very expensive taste so we have travelled around looking for a crib that matches my vision while staying in our price range. We have narrowed it down to the two cribs shown below. My idea is to do the nursery in gray and white and then depending on the gender add blue or pink accents once the baby is born. What we have found though, is white is way harder to come by then you'd think. I really like the new cribs that have lower sides, I think they look more modern plus since I am short it makes it way easier for me to get a baby out of. I also like the modern look of the straight lines. I feel like some of the cribs get too big and ornate looking and I don't want that to be the only thing people look at in the nursery. So take a look at the pictures and make your pick, and I'll explain the dilemma below.
Element Crib by AP Industries, in cottage white
Kendall Crib by Pottery Barn Kids , in white

So...what we have found is that the Element crib comes in what they call "cottage white" and is a nice white colour, exactly what you would expect when you hear white. The problem is, Paige (here's your shout out as requested) thinks it looks like a dog crate. I think it's trendy but??? The Pottery Barn crib looks white in all the pictures online and in their catalogue however, when you see it in person it is an antique white colour and when you put a white quilt with it the crib looks yellow. They do this so you have to purchase all the matching pieces but when operating on a budget we can't afford to do your whole nursery in PB Kids. So we went to visit this crib since we were told the spring white colour was more white. When we saw it it was still super yellow looking. The sales associate helping us was trying to sell it regardless of the fact that I didn't like it. I was holding up paint samples I had collected to see if I could make it work but still wasn't sold. She finally asked me what my colours were and when I told her she said "Well, that's not exactly in style right now"....I was like Oh no you didn't. Can you believe the nerve of this lady to tell a pregnant woman that her vision for the perfect nursery was not in style? She was a little bit older so I am writing her rude comment off as a hormonal imbalance of her own.
So what to do...crate or yellow crib? Pretty sure we are settled on the crate. It seemed to work well for Urban. :)

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