Sunday, October 9, 2011

Indian Summer

By this time in Canada it is normally getting really cold.  While I love the fall, I could really live without the cold damp days that often come with it.  Just last weekend I was expressing my frustration as we ran from the car into the fall.  It was so cold out it took about 15 minutes for me to warm up.  This was definitely not the case today.  Today the weather in Canada was 74, to me it felt way warmer.  My Dad originally had the pool scheduled to be closed last week but since the forecast was so nice he post-poned it until next week.  Good thing because The Girl wanted to swim!

We wanted to be outside and thought we just might go for a swim.  As always the second we got in their backyard Elle headed straight for the pool, she would just leap in if we let her.  I had actually brought her bathing suit but she never made it into her suit she was not patient enough.  I took her shoes off and put her toes in the water hoping to discourage the idea of swimming.  The air was warm enough but the water was certainly not (water temp. 62 degrees).  By the time her feet were in she got her shorts wet and then her shirt as she kicked her feet and squealed with delight getting Matt and I wet.  I eventually just stripped her down and let her go to it.  Luckily, Popa loves his babies more than we do because he was willing to go in with her.  She definitely outlasted him though.  She would have swam all afternoon if we let her.  Following her swim Popa stood in the sun to warm up while our polar bear baby sat on my lap in a towel eating a popsicle.

It was too cold to be in too long, that did not stop The Girl.

She would just dive in if we let her.  No fear!
Cheesey popsicle grin!

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