Thursday, November 3, 2011


Happy Halloween!

This year, despite my best persuasion, Elle was Shamu.  She was stuck on the idea and while I tried to talk her out of it I ended up LOVING it.  When we were invited to a halloween party the easy answer for Matt and I was to be whale trainers.  So our little family dressed in black and white and represented one of our favourite places we have been as a family...Sea World!

I made her costume from a sweater pattern I purchased online.  I just exchanged the front section with white instead of black.  Her eyes were made of felt and then I made her fins our of thick batting.  Unfortunately most of the pictures we have are blurry because as you can imagine the girl was so excited and in constant motion.  She was so funny tromping around in her costume.

On Halloween we went over to my parents to see Elle's cousins.  She was so thrilled to spend time with them.  Since Abby is pretty much her favourite person alive right now, they went crazy hugging and visiting.  Elle was a little unsure of the change in colour to Caleb's skin.

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