Monday, September 20, 2010

An Apple a day...

  We spent Saturday at Chudleigh's Apple Orchard, and while Elle is not yet old enough to enjoy this activity, it is one of my favourite things to do in the fall.  The apples are not organic and it is by no means a money saving experience  (you would think picking them from the tree yourself would make them cheaper...think again!).  For me the trip to the farm is more about the experience and tradition of it all.  I have been going to Chudleigh's since I was just a young girl.  Each year they have added something new turning the old apple farm into a family friendly experience.  There is a play ground, pony rides, a petting zoo, swings, hay rides and of course a gift shop.  While we skipped most of the chaos, and the chi-chi families experiencing the great outdoors for the first time, we did manage to pick more apples then we will likely eat.  I love being outside in the crisp fall air, it just puts me in the mood for fall.  

  This was not Matt's first time either.  Matt and I went apple picking twice while living in Virginia.   The first time we went Matt ate an apple off the tree without washing it and had an allergic reaction.  His throat started to close in and I began to panic.  I thought I was going to have to drag him back to the hut.  He said my concern convinced him that I really did love him and we got engaged two months later. :)

Look how young and care free.  Sept. 2007

  This year we got to share this experience with Elle.  This is definitely a tradition that we will continue in the future.  The older she gets the more activities we will enjoy.  I wanted to take her on a pony ride this year but she was asleep when we past them.  Maybe next year Elle Belle!  

  This trip also held sentiment to me as it was almost one year to the day that we found out we were pregnant with Baby Elle and I started this blog.  At the time we were caught off guard having just moved to Canada and feeling unsettled, however if you read the original post (seen here) we were praising God for the little apple seed growing in my stomach.  That little apple seed has grown into our little Elle and we could not imagine our life any different right now.  Life has changed so much in the past year, but God has had a clear hand in leading Matt and I.  He has provided jobs, a home and a healthy baby girl.  We are so happy that our lives are not left to chance or to our own decisions.  Given the choice we probably wouldn't have picked this path, but there is no doubt in my mind that this is the right path and the very best days of our life.  We love our little apple seed and days spent as a family.  We can't wait for many more adventures and what the future holds.

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  1. I so want to go apple picking...can't really do that here :( I remember the story about Matt's allergic reaction. Hopefully he learned his lesson and did not attempt that this time. Your apple seed is so cute :) Love the pic of her crying haha