Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Amoxicillin Again....

Last Thursday I had Elle at the doctor with a cold.  She was up in the night for a few hours coughing and wheezing.  It seemed worse than a common cold so she skipped daycare and spent the day with her Nana.  My Mom later brought her to work and I took her over to the doctor.  They looked her over and said if it's just a cold it will go away but if she gets a bad fever in a few days to bring her back.  That's normally the sign of an ear infection.  She seemed to recover over the weekend and we thought we were in the clear until Monday night she wouldn't let me put her down.  She was pretty moody and whining.  Tuesday morning she seemed fine so I took her to daycare.  Shortly after getting to work our daycare provider called to say she had a fever.  She said she would call back if Tylenol didn't take care of it.  By the time I came to get her the Tylenol had worn off and she was in rough shape.  I called our doctor and they were able to get us in.  He looked her over and decided she had an ear infection, so we are back on amoxicillin.

Luckily I have the day off today so this is what we are doing....

She is in LOVE with Minnie Mouse right now.  She hugs and cuddles Minnie all day long and often calls for her.  She also loves Mickey Mouse Club house so she is spending sometime today resting on the couch and watching her favourite show!

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