Saturday, September 24, 2011

Apple Picking

For Matt, Fall starts the first week of college football.  For Me, fall is defined and in full swing once we take our annual apple picking trip.  I have done this since I was a child and Matt has agreed reluctantly...I actually think he loves it.

We have grown a lot since last year, you can read about our trip last year here.

Chudleigh's is the local farm that we love to visit.  When you look at it from an accounting perspective it is a total rip, who pays $7 a person to pick their own fruit.  It must be the experience that's worth it.

They have a petting zoo which Elle loved...see how much she loved the pony?  Keep that image in your mind.

We rode the tractor out to pick apples.  We handed on to Elle and she went right at it.  I thought she might hold it or carry it around with her but she knew it was edible and dug right in.

She also wanted to show just how big she was by carrying our apples.  Matt eventually got her a bag of her own with only two apples in it.  She was so proud of herself.

Remember when I said to remember how much she loved the pony?  Apparently that did not translate into riding a pony.  My in-laws will remember how excited I was to take Elle on the carousel when we were in Toronto.  Taking her on the pony ride was much like that.  Last year when we were apple picking I saw the pony rides and thought next year I will take her on that, she will love it...or will she?  You tell me.  

We made it about five steps before she had successfully climbed back into my arms.  I wrestled her on for a few more steps but really what kind of Mother forces her crying baby to go on a pony ride.  We paid $3 to walk beside the pony.  

Maybe next year?

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