Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why do pregnant women waddle when they walk?

...because it is the only way they can!
Here we are at 31 weeks pregnant. I was telling someone just the other day that I was feeling really good not super huge and then I woke up the next morning feeling like I was going to explode. I think your body grows and then you get used to it for a few days and then it grows and you have to get used to it all over again. I have found myself waddling more and more for the sole purpose of getting around. I think it's more evident when I am tired and it is taking extra energy for me to get from one location to the next. Sleeping again is tough as there is so much extra body in the bed right now. Matt says he is having a hard time too with a baby whale flipping around beside him. At least he calls "us" a baby whale....he is so sensitive!

We seem to fill each weekend with something else "baby". This weekend we went and picked up our glider for the nursery (we ordered it 6 weeks ago). I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Could not be any happier with the one we got. I was so excited to put it in the nursery and sit on it for the first time. I go into the nursery everyday and sit on it for just a minute. It is the only thing that is complete and in it's place in the nursery as we are still waiting for our crib to be replaced, to get our dresser and for me to make the bedding for the crib. The glider though is there and beautiful! We are so grateful for the gift that helped us purchase it. Matt didn't love it when I picked it out but even he said the other day that it looked really nice and he was happy we got it! Sometimes I have to convince him of my taste.

Our beautiful glider, love how modern and trendy it is.

Our car-seat! Love this so much as well. Matt surprised me with this one night when I was feeling so unprepared. I told him they wouldn't let us bring the baby home from the hospital until we had one...I was only 61/2 months pregnant! Hahah but he made me so happy with the surprise.

This is the bag I have chosen for my diaper bag. It's actually a Lululemon gym bag but I love it so much. It is perfect because it has lots of pockets and a wipe out lining and it was cheaper than most of the other diaper bags online. Matt hates it and told me he wouldn't walk beside me when I carry it, but since he also said he wasn't going to change diapers I don't really care. It's my bag, not his and not really the baby's. Matt was so concerned because there is pink on the zipper...he was like what if it's a boy? I had to again explain to him that people will not judge our baby by the bag it's mother chooses to carry. He wants his own man-bag, which is totally fine, but I hope it's not too masculine...what if the baby is a girl??? LOL Love you Matt!!!!


  1. You look adorable! I am drooling over your bag....ha ha! So excited for you guys! You are almost there!

  2. you crack me up! i could totally hear matt say baby whale!!! he is super sensitive you know? i love all of your items! it is so you and super stylish. and i remember your fascination with lululemon :)