Monday, March 8, 2010

Baby Update

I had another doctors appointment today with my OB. This was the last monthly check-up, as I am now 28 weeks pregnant and in my 3rd trimester. I now start going every two weeks until closer to the end where I visit him every week until delivery. Everything went really well. I have gained 14 pounds so far and the baby is exactly where it needs to be. We had a slow beat today (136/min), meaning boy, but Dr. Mayr loves girl babies so he's still hoping it's a girl! I was a little concerned as I have been having braxton hicks contractions but they said not to worry about them, the rate that I am experiencing them is normal. Apparently my body is just practicing...lovely. I am having a hard time sleeping due to being rather uncomfortable...I feel huge, but again this is normal and the books again say this is my body practicing. Personally I am sick of practicing and rather ready to have a reason for these uncomfortable feelings but that will come soon enough.

This weekend Matt and I went to the hospital to celebrate the birth of Tim and Jen's baby girl(friend's from Crestwicke). She is their second baby, they have a 2 year old Luke who Matt's best friends with, and were so shocked to have a baby girl. We were so excited to celebrate with them. We stopped to get coffees on our way to the hospital and Matt said this can be like our practice drive for when your in labour. I laughed but then got a little worried when I actually did have to tell him where to turn. Then when we got to the hospital Matt parked the car, hopped out and ran around to get the coffee from me so I could get out. As I opened the door for him he smirked and said can you turn the car off and hand me my keys. It was really funny, he was just too excited for Baby Charlotte and the anticipation of us having our baby. Luckily we will have at least one more practice to the hospital when Lindsay and Jared have their baby in April before we make our trip. Funny enough on our way back to the car Matt and I both commented on how relaxing our visit was with Tim and Jen. It was calming to be there with experienced parents to show us it wasn't that big of a deal. These practices are good for us.
It seems like I have been pregnant forever but I am sure its going to fly now. I remember Jen and Tim telling us they were pregnant and they are the first of 4 babies in a row before June (We are the last ones). Now that they have kicked us off it will fly, one baby after another until our little Goober is here.

Matt was super relaxed with Charlotte and he successfully stopped her from fussing a few times. He is going to be great!

Notice the slight look of terror in my eyes, realizing I am 10 ish weeks away from this!!! She doesn't look at all scared she was perfectly calm.

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