Thursday, March 4, 2010

36-1155 Gordon Street

Here are the long awaited pictures of our new "adult" home. Matt and I feel so blessed and thankful everyday for this new place. It is so much bigger than any other place we have ever lived together. When we leave one room we can't see the room we just came from. It's so great! Here are a few highlights from the tour:

This is the Master Bedroom:
This is only half of it there is a whole empty half on the other side of the room. It also includes his and her closets. If there was ever a couple that needed these it's Matt and I. We LOVE them! Some colour needs to be added to this room. They painted the entire house beige.

This is the sitting area off the dinning room, main floor.

Dinning Room. Between this and the sitting area there is a walk out deck. Our deck looks onto wet lands. It is so private and we are super excited to "grill out", or bbq if your Canadian, this summer.

This is the kitchen beside the dinning room with my island and pot rack....hahah I haven't lost my mind, the cardboard box represents where Matt and my brother-in-law Jared are going to build me an island with a pot rack above. I ran out of cupboard space, hence my pots and pans are still living in a box.

Front on view of the Kitchen.
That's all for now. Matt has started the nursery so I will post pictures very soon! We are running into paint colour issues. We loved the paint sample, we like the colour it looks on the paper towels we clean up with but on the walls it is so blue. We are trying to decide whether to try a second coat or to go get the colour tinted. Appearently gray is the hardest colour in the world. I will keep you posted on our/ Matt's progress!

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