Friday, March 19, 2010


It has been a tremendous blessing to be pregnant at the same time as my sister Lindsay. At first I felt so bad as it seems that Matt and I crash in on all their celebrations.

They had Caleb, we got married!

They had their second baby, we had our first!

But as time goes by I look at it as such a blessing and I think Lindsay does too. How many sisters get to celebrate these special moments together.....especially having cousins! I call or email Linds on a regular basis asking stupid first time Mom questions about what to buy or what to expect. She is always so sweet to me and never makes me feel silly. I am sure there will be many more calls to her once our little baby is here. We nick-named this second Baby, Baby Olive which makes us think it's a girl. Lindsay is due about six weeks before me and from these pictures it looks like Baby Olive could probably beat up Baby Goober. Hahah what are cousins for!

AND....not to leave Paige out of the prego party! No she is not pregnant, but she is a super supportive Aunt. This is Paige shopping with me trying to convince me that maternity clothing really isn't that bad. I think the bump looks good on her.

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