Monday, March 22, 2010

30 Week Scare!

Today we had a little scare with our baby. I woke up feeling crappy and tried to work. I kept having severe stomach pain so I tried laying down for a little while but when that didn't work I called Matt to see what I should do. I was having shots of pain through my stomach followed by Braxton hicks contractions. The Braxton hicks have become fairly normal however they were one on top of the other which is not normal. Everything online says if they start coming one after another to call your OB or head to the hospital. So Matt came home and we called our OB. He suggested Tylenol and rest. We had a regular appointment scheduled for 2pm today anyway so he said we would talk more when we got there. Matt was so sweet he laid with me and rubbed my stomach when it was contracting, I could tell he was pretty worried about us. It was really nice to have him there to tell me I wasn't imagining things and that he would take care of me. We went to the doctor later and they seem to think I have some sort of a gastro-intestinal infection. It could be anything from a flu bug to, food poisoning they aren't too sure but said I would be fine. Apparently my stomach is contracting so consistently because it's unhappy about the pain but that we shouldn't be worried about it. The baby had stopped moving around a lot but started moving and kicking again later which is a good thing. I am just supposed to be super picky about what I eat the next few days and try to rest. It was such a relief that nothing bad was wrong but still really scary and weird.

On a better note....the rest of the check went well. I haven't gained anymore weight. I am supposed to be gaining a pound a week right now but I haven't had much of an appetite. The baby had a strong heart beat but was up in the girl range today. We are scheduled to go back again in 2 weeks but to definitely call him if we have any issues before then. Goober is keeping us guessing...lots of fun!

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