Saturday, January 26, 2013

Long Hair....

For a while now, I've been wanting to get Elle's hair cut...

Sweet Girl playing in her room by herself,  with very long hair

I think there were a few things holding me back.....
  1. We loved her long hair, we get compliments on it all the time and I see so many other kids her age that don't have much hair at all.  We feel blessed for great hair and it really is part of who she is.  I was also obsessed with her messy bun, a terrible hair day could go unnoticed with a messy bun and big bow, Matt even used my dry shampoo on her hair when getting her ready for church alone...(haha don't tell anyone).
  2. I don't have time to get my own hair cut, let alone get her an appointment, take her, pray she behaves...I really think I should get to pamper myself before my very spoiled two year old???
  3. I just couldn't decide...Where to take her? How much to cut off? Do I want to do this?  Will she behave?
A large part of it was, she is growing up way too fast and hanging on to her hair seemed to keep her young?  Can you tell it's time for another baby? I was at a mall in Toronto and saw this cute place called Melon Heads and thought, if they can't do it, no one can.  I am sure they have seen every level of freak out from a child who doesn't want their hair done, so my if Elle decides she doesn't want to do this she will just blend in.  I still was not 100% sure I wanted to cut her hair, so we did a  walk by in the stroller and I asked her if she wanted to get her hair cut in one of the cool chairs.  When she said "No, I will just watch" I was kinda relieved, we watched for a few minutes then want about our shopping.  A few minutes later she said "I want to go sit in the  Thomas..."  I double checked..."you want to get your hair cut?", "Yeah, in the Thomas".  So I took her back and they took her right changing your mind.

This place knows what they're doing!  They have 5 chairs, all different types of things you can sit on, a train, a motorcycle, a horse, a pink car ect.  The kids pretend to drive while facing a tv showing all the latest cartoons and get their hair done.  For the little girls, they cut their hair then do something pretty like braids and finish it off with glitter hairspray.  And finally, they charge anxious parents like myself, a fortune for treating their baby like a princess and getting through this whole ordeal without a single peep.

Was it worth it?  ABSOLUTELY
Will we be be going there again?  YOU BETTCHA!

Of all the choices, she wanted Thomas...she thought this was the greatest thing ever!  In the end, her hair cut is cute, it's still long and we were both happy!  Matt's response to all this?  "It's just another reason for us to go shopping in Toronto!"  I love him!

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