Friday, February 8, 2013

Snow Day!

 Today, we got a snow day!  I haven't been able to say that in years but today due to the insane weather conditions even Matt was home from work.  It's not the snow that was the problem, it was the amount and the unstoppable dump we got.  This is probably the largest accumulation in one day I have seen in a long time and by far the greatest we have seen since moving to Canada.

After a relaxing morning, snuggling in bed and watching Kelly and Michael we went out to "shovel" the driveway as a family.  Some people are better shovellers than others....

Elle wants to be just like her Daddy so I grabbed a few of her sand toys and set her to work.  She was happy as can be "helping" clear the snow.


 She started using her pail for the larger sections.

The snow was really blowing so it created deeper snow drifts.  There was one on the side of our house that came up to Elle's waist.  She thought it was funny until Matt walked away for a picture, so he posed with her.

We love our sweet girl and were thrilled at the opportunity to have Daddy home and get a long weekend.

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