Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It's Freezing Cold in These Parts....

Before leaving for Florida for Christmas we had not seen much in the way of winter around here.  Ever since we have been back we have seen the winter in full force.  Not a ton of snow, just a bit but the weather has been freezing cold.  Today it is -18 without the wind chill, reason enough for me and the girl to ball up and spend the day catching up on laundry, cleaning and checking in with our friends Kelly and Micheal!

One of the fun things about being married to a Floridian is that some of our "new" experiences with Elle are firsts for Matt as well.  I take for-granted a childhood filled with snow days and playing in the snow.  When Matt saw a picture of my niece and nephew on a GT Snow Racer, he wanted to know what is was and wanted to try it.  A GT is a common snow sled found in any Canadian child's garage.   It is a seat built up on two ski's with a steering wheel on the front, it also comes with breaks you step on to slow down after you land sweet jumps...haha made for boys I think.
On our last day of Christmas holidays, when I should have been doing laundry and catching up, we took Elle (and Matt) out for a spin.  They loved it...Elle kept yelling again, again!  Matt wanted to try it on his own, probably be a little more reckless than he would be with E on the front but she wouldn't let him.  Every time he got to the top of the hill without her she would yell "wait for me Daddy!"

Matt definitely got his workout dragging her to the top of the hill after each run.

We then decided to build our first family snowman.  The snow was just the right "stickiness" to build a great snowman.  And yes, Elle is wearing running shoes, we went out and bought her proper boots after this, I refused to let her wear her new cute boots from Pops and Gigi in fear she would ruin them....I know, Mom of the Year!

Matt was serious, donating his hat and mitts for the cause!

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