Thursday, August 4, 2011

We went to the Zoo!

Gigi is here and we LOVE having her here.  Elle could not be more excited to see her Gigi and have someone to love on her 24 hours a day.

The weather was nice and we had a long weekend here in Canada so we took advantage of the nice weather and took the Girl to the Toronto Zoo.

While not everyone was as excited as everyone else (notice Matt ready to move on)...

Others in our group LOVED it, and cheered with excitement, waving to each of the animals when we looked through our pictures at home.

She picked out the animals in their cages and could've stood in front of the same animal all day long.

We enjoyed a popsicle to cool off.  The weather was so so hot...but we aren't complaining.

The Gorilla's were so cute!  The Mommy was carrying a baby on her back, they were so sweet.

We posed for a picture near the elephants since they might not be here for too much longer.  Apparently the elephants don't like the cold weather.

This lion was so big!

Thank you Gigi for our trip to the Zoo.  I loved watching the Girl and seeing the Zoo through a one year olds eyes.  It is days like today I fall more in love with my Girl.  She is so smart and so much fun!

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