Friday, August 26, 2011

She's Here..

Baby Hazel Grace Clark was born last Friday a full week early!  I was at the cottage when Mik's water broke and headed for the hospital.  My phone didn't get service so Matt kept me up to date via my Dad's phone.  Hazel was born at 12:58 pm so I was able to talk to the new Mom on my drive home from the cottage that night. Mommy and Baby are doing great.  Andrew and Mikaela could not be more thrilled with their sweet girl!  We took them dinner on Sunday night to meet their sweet girl and spoil her with love.  She is named after Mikaela's Grammy who passed away earlier this year.  What a special little girl.

 Hazel Grace Clark 
Born August 19, 2011 
7 lbs, 12 oz

Elle was very unsure of what she thought.  She has a number of dolls and we practice all the time holding her "babies nice".  She knows she has to be gentle.  We were there for about 15 minutes when Mik handed me her sweet girl.  Elle instantly ran over and grabbed my leg.  So I bent down to show her Baby Hazel and she tried to sit in my lap.  Matt came over and grabbed Elle and gave her some attention.  She is so used to being the youngest and getting all the attention.  Apparently she is way too spoiled.  This is right before we left.  We put Elle in her jammies so she could fall a sleep in the car.  What a difference 15 months makes.

Congratulations Mikaela and Andrew.  We are so excited to grow our families together!

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