Wednesday, August 17, 2011

At the Beach

Matt and I took Elle up to the cottage to see my parents and her cousins.  Each year my parents rent a cottage up in Southampton and we absolutely love it!  The weather is unpredictable but it is the time spent together that means the most.  This year was more fun than last...Elle just loves being with her cousins.  She was wild the entire time we were there and slept so well from all the fresh air and exercise.

Looking at Popa and Caleb at the water.

Elle and Abby just love each other so much!

Elle was "Little Miss Independent" she refused to hold my hand, but gladly held Caleb's as we walked down the street.  He is SO cool!

Nana bought some new sand toys which the kids LOVED!

The days were hot and the nights cool.  She played all day, then had a bath to clean out all the sand.  Once she was clean we would put her in a track suit and let her walk.

We spent time around the fire and making s'mores.

We would sit by the fire and cuddle before going to bed.

The Girls also loved swinging with their Popa!

We had a very nice time.  Elle and I are heading back up to the cottage tomorrow night to spend the day with them on Friday.  We love sunshine, the beach, and fresh air!  Thank you Lord for relaxing time with our family.

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