Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's So Hot Here...finally!

The weather is getting hot here so Matt and I are finding ways to keep the girl cool.  Her latest love is popsicles.  She is so cute with them.  I really try to limit her sweets but look how happy she gets.

Sharing with Daddy...he was also making sure her lips wouldn't get stuck to it.

We recently bought her this Ariel pool (40% off b/c the summer is over?) because after swimming at Pops and Gigi's pool Elle no longer wants to be touched in the pool.  She loved the zero entry pools and as Gigi will confirm she spent a better part of the week walking in and out, and from the pool to the kids play area.  When I got her home and put her on the top step of my parents pool she tried pushing me away and crying because she wanted to do it herself!  Since it will likely be about 7 years before she can touch in their pool I think she is a few years shy of doing it herself.  

We spent Saturday at my parents house celebrating Caleb's birthday so we brought this pool over for the kids to play in so the adults could relax.  They had so much fun!  It was kinda funny that we had a $15 kids pool sitting next to a beautifully landscaped pool.

Don't you love Abby's bathing cap?  My Mom picked up her suit and hat while we were in Florida in March this year.

The girls just love each other so much! Our daycare provider is on holidays right now so Lindsay is watching Elle for me.  Everyday when I drop her off Abby hugs her about a thousand times.  Elle is a huggy girl so she just soaks it up!

Popa also picked up a snake sprinkler for the kids to play in.

Today I am off.  Tomorrow I have training on the other side of Toronto and have to leave the house at 6 am and don't expect to be back until at least 6 pm so I am taking it easy.  It is HOT HOT HOT today so I set the pool up on the deck for the girl and let her splash around.

The sun was bright in the Girl's eyes.

She is no longer a baby, she is a full blown toddler now, and the funniest little person alive!

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