Wednesday, April 7, 2010

32 Almost 33 Weeks!

Matt and I went to our OB again yesterday. I feel like we are there a lot more often then just every two weeks. I think we only have one more two week appointment and then we are there once a week then I'll really feel like I live there. Our OB was in such a good mood and all wound up because he had delivered Abby Paige just a few days earlier. He is so excited to be delivering cousins so close together. The appointment went really well. I am gaining the perfect amount of weight (I give full credit to Matt's amazing Easter basket he bought me), and the baby is still in the right spot. Goober is doing complete somersaults everyday. I no longer feel as many kicks or jabs, I instead see an entire wave of movement from one side of my stomach to the other. It is pretty neat now because we can feel more distinguished body parts and the baby likes to play. The other night when Matt and I were on the couch together he was poking my stomach and the baby would kick back where he was poking. The baby would follow his voice and give a little jab where Matt was calling it to. Matt was able to kinda grab its little foot too which he thought was cool. Very cute!

Our next appointment is April 20 and at that appointment they will set up another ultra-sound for us to make sure the baby is in the right spot and ready to go. We are going to try and visit a different ultra-sound clinic to avoid any awkwardness between Matt and the office staff. Mayr, our OB, has told me I have to stay pregnant until at least 37 weeks, after that I can have it whenever I want. We are hoping for an early delivery like Abby which if our baby comes in our timing I'll only be pregnant for about 4 more weeks! Yeah!!!!!

The nursery is coming along. We are still waiting on our crib which is a pain but we have purchased a change pad to go on top of the dresser we are painting and all kinds of other baby necessities including our new walkie talkies (baby monitor), as Matt calls them. All at once the nursery will be all set. I'll post pictures as soon as it starts to come together.

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