Friday, April 16, 2010

How hard is it to get a crib?

So seriously...most people have a hard time getting pregnant, we have a hard time getting a crib! Our crib was delivered at 8:30 Thursday morning. Bless Matt's heart for getting up and helping the man move the new crib in and take the old crib out. Problem was the new crib was not the crib we ordered. What are the chances? Somewhere along the line the "custom ordered crib" was either ordered wrong or shipped wrong. So needless to say we are one day closer to having a baby and we still don't have a crib. Good news though...since the "custom crib" took 4 weeks to order when the first one was all banged up and I could technically have the baby by then I got on the phone and called every Baby store within a two hour radius and found our exact crib in stock at a store in Toronto. Here is the best's $100 cheaper there then the original crib. So I paid for it over the phone and they are holding it for us. This is HUGE because as I called around I found a couple stores that could order the crib for us but it would be 3-10 wks (time we don't have) AND most of them were WAY more money then we originally spent. Who knew there was such a mark-up on cribs???? Anyway we are headed to Toronto tomorrow to go to a Jay's game so we are going to finally (fingers crossed) get our crib!!!!

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