Saturday, February 5, 2011

Elle's 8 Months Old

 Where did January go?  We are already in February and running in fast forward!  Elle turned 8 months a week ago...8 months going on three years.  She is so full of life and personality.  I look at her and no longer see a baby girl I see a child emerging.  She pretends to eat with her mouth when she sees food, bounces to the beat when music comes on, and laughs when I laugh at her.  She is the happiest little person I have ever met.

  Matt just got back from Mexico.  He had a good time and came home with a tan!  I was so jealous happy for him.  While he was away Elle and I stayed with my parents so I didn't climb the walls being alone with an eight month old.  While we were there Nana gave her the traditional sink bath.  My Mom loves bathing them and does so whenever she has them over night.  I warned her that Elle was not like her cousins and it would be a Shamoo show the minute she hit the water.  Here's the only photo I snapped before we decided she needed to get out.
Here she is playing dangerously with her Father.  Perhaps this is why she seems a little unsure when I leave her alone with him.  

 Being a little poser!
 Embracing the "bad hair day"!
With wild hair comes wild hair-dos...this is Elle with her Rihanna do.  As Matt says,  Rihanna gets her "hair-did", Elle with her hair-did.

Lazy Saturday mornings mean play-time with penguin.  They say you start to look like someone the more time you spend with them.  Elle and her BFF, Penguin.

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