Tuesday, September 14, 2010


  We just got back from 10 days in Florida.  While this trip was extremely stressful  to me when we started planning it before Elle was even born, it went better than I ever imagined it could.  Elle was such a trooper and continues to blow my mind at how flexible and easy going her temperament is.  People commented over and over on the plane at how good she was.  She slept for the majority of the flights and just hung in her Baby Bjorn during our layovers in Atlanta.  She loves people watching and thought the terminal tram was so fun!  I am so happy that she travelled so well.  This will save years on my life not needing to worry about how she will travel in the future.

  While in Florida Elle met tons of extended family and all Matt's friends.  We kept busy going out to lunch, taking her to the pool each day (which she LOVED) and shopping.  Elle watched two Gator games on TV (she's to young to go, but her Daddy is already counting the days until he can take her) visited her Gigi at school, and made a trip down to Orlando to visit our good friends from Virginia.  We were all worried that when she returned home she would be a nightmare for me because she was used to constant attention.  It has actually been the complete opposite.  You completely exhausted our baby girl.  She must have been running on adrenaline by the end because she has slept sooooooo well since we have been back.  Our little world traveler is tuckered out and taking full advantage of alone time in her crib to catch up.  Again can we say perfect baby?

  Matt and I just wanted everyone to know we had a wonderful trip.  We loved showing our baby girl off and letting each of you have a chance to get to know her.  Thank you all for the gifts and all the loving toward our baby girl.  She is so spoiled and lucky to have a family who loves her to bits.  We can't thank Pops and Gigi enough for all the free babysitting allowing us some time alone to relax!

Best Friends with their Grandbabies
Uncle Brian and Aunt Chelsea
Swimming with Pops and Gigi
Elle at Gigi's school sitting on Elle's desk 
Perfect baby, passed out on the floor during a loud Hudson Family dinner
Convincing Cale and Christi that it's time.....LOL Love you two!
Meeting Paw Paw and learning about technology
Matt and I enjoying the Florida Sun!
Cuddling with Grandmommy
Cheering for the Gators with Gran-Nana
Reading Mommy's Magazine on the plane

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  1. Love you! So glad you got to come see us and convince us ;) Melting Pot was fantastic as well...I am still stuffed.