Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cottage Life

We spent the weekend in Southampton at the traditional Team Willis Cottage weekend.  This year it was a little later into the year (normally we go in June or August) but we delayed the trip due to all the babies being born.  This year meant the addition of two new members Abby (in April) and Elle (in May).  The weather didn't really cooperate but it was still nice to get away and spend time with the family.  It takes an entire cottage of adults to care for three young kids.  Between the three of them we were all pooped at the end of the day.  These are the days I have looked forward to my entire life and look forward to many more cottage weekends with the family.  It can only get easier!!!!

Girls in their matching jams!

Uncle Matt and Nephew Pub-bub (Caleb's names)

Elle Belle in her warm Laurier fleece.  Go Hawks!

Bath Time!

Haha...Aunt Lindsay left me alone with Baby Abby and Baby Elle for one minute and came back to find them in a basket!  They thought it was fun! 
All the Babies bathed, cleaned and in their pjs.

OshKosh one piece tracksuits are AMAZING.  Look how cute!

At the coffee shop with all the kiddies

Elle Belle dressed for the camp fire

Trying out the Jolly Jumper.  Wasn't too sure what to do.

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