Sunday, August 8, 2010

She's the Davis of our Lives!

Just as our blog is entitled, Elle Ryan really is the "Davis" of our Lives.  As I expected, the summer is flying by with every second centred around Baby Elle.  Elle is such a ham, and I love seeing her little personality develop more each day.  She smiles all the time and if she could I am sure she would be laughing too.  She loves any attention she gets and as soon as she catches your eye she smiles as big as she can.  She is mimicking mouth movements and tries to copy things you do.  Matt had her on his lap one night and she was staring at him so intently.  Every time he moved his head one way or the other she would copy him.  While this seems like such a stupid thing to get excited over, it just shows us once again the miracle of this little life and how incredible our creator is.

As I said, our summer is flying by.  Since I last posted we spent as a weekend at Muskoka Woods for me to work.  Matt and Elle came with me and Matt got a small taste of how much work it is to take care of a baby all day on your own.  I was so proud of them both.  Proud of Matt for following all the instructions and even giving her his first bath on his own, and proud of Elle for not being too difficult for their first day alone.  They weren't entirely alone as I was there working but Matt still handled her for the most part giving me the chance to see the camp and participate in two events the foundation was hosting.  Elle was such a trooper and slept in a foreign place no problem!  We were so excited that she adjusted so well as we plan on doing a lot of travelling with her.  

On Friday I had to take Elle to 2 doctors appointments.  We went and had her hearing tested since she failed the test at the hospital.  As we suspected though her hearing is perfect and she passed the test no problem.  Secondly, now that Elle is 2 months old it was time to return to the doctor for her two month check-up and immunizations.  As I was warned by a number of people this visit was WAY harder on me than it was on her.  I was so apprehensive about her needles but aside from the initial pinch she had recovered by the time we left the office.  Way better then my sleepless night previous too and knot in my stomach for the rest of the day following.  She was a little crabbier than normal following her shots but seems to be back to her regular self now.  The doctor checked her over and she is developing perfectly (I could have told you baby is so smart!).  

AT BIRTH:  7 lbs 6 oz, 19.25 inches
2 MONTHS: 9 lbs 15 oz, 22.5 inches

Finally...I have a serious addiction with taking pictures of her every waking moment.  As my Mother-in-law always says you can always delete them so the more you take the better chance you have of getting a good one.  Problem is my Elle Belle does not take a bad picture. Hahah can you say first child.  Here's the photo journal of our lives lately!
Sporting her new hat and running shoes to show Daddy, purchased for our weekend at camp.
Elle Belle stressed about spending the whole day with Daddy while Mommy worked at camp.  This is not how Mommy starts my morning.
Visiting Mommy at her event at camp.  Even though she looks like she is hanging by her neck, she isn't and loved being able to see.  Once she gets tired though we flip her around and let her rest her head on our chest.  Ask Matt about who helped him flip her around.
Getting ready to go swimming for the first time in Nana and Papa's pool. We waited until she stopped crying to take her in.  We also have a video.

Experienced Mom's,  and Mom's with experienced sisters, know that Costco has the best and least expensive baby wipes.  Here is Elle and cousin Abby all set to go buy more diaper wipes!!!!
Visiting with Mr. Josh.  Not sure what was wrong with my camera.

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