Thursday, August 26, 2010

Three Months Old

Elle is 3 months old today.  She has recently found her own hands and as I am sure you will all agree your hands truly are a facinating part of your life.  I swear she could lay and stare at her own hands all day long.  We think she might end up being right handed because she can't get enough of it but can't seem to find her left hand.  She is funny and loves the attention of anyone who will give it to her.  We again have been blown away by what an "easy" (I say that with some hesitation) she is.  She is a good baby and a real trooper.  We took her to Niagara Falls a few weeks ago while Josh was visiting from Jacksonville. 

She recently had her first sleep-over.  She stayed at Nana and Papa's house while Matt and I spent a night in Toronto.  Matt and I enjoyed some time away just relaxing and eating out.  I think I missed Elle more than Matt but we were both so proud of her for being so well behaved while we were gone.

We took her to a Jays game on Tuesday of this week.  She is generally content and happy if she is being snuggled and loved on.  Matt and I were a little concerned about how she would do at the game, but she was great. She watched for a while and then was content being snuggled up in her hoodie and a blanket.  With these adventures under our belt we feel ready for our next!  We will be getting on a plane in a week from tomorrow and taking Elle to Jacksonville.  We are pretty confident that she will do great travelling.  Hopefully she loves flying as much as her Daddy does!

Elle's growing everyday and is trying to keep up with her older cousin Abby.  Abby is 2 months older and yet when Linds and I take them out people ask if they are twins.  Do you think they look alike?  I guess size wise they look similar but I really think their features couldn't be any different!  Either way they are so funny together!!!!

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