Friday, October 30, 2009

The Secret is Almost Out

Matt was on my case for not posting recently so this ones for you Baby!!! As of today we are ten weeks pregnant and only two weeks short of letting everyone in on our little "surprise". Thank you so much to those of you who have kept our secret so well...we love you all so much and can't wait to let you tell your friends and family as well. November 14th we go back to the doctor and at that point I will be 12 weeks and heading into the second trimester. If everything looks good we will spread the news!!!

Goober is currently the size of a small plum and is approximately 1.25-1.68 inches long. While that may sound tiny to the rest of you, I am definitely noticing the difference. It is crazy that something so tiny can make me feel so miserable. I am really looking forward to the sickness coming to an end shortly. Although it is not as noticeable to others, I have noticed a little weight gain. I'm sure Matt has too but he says he hasn't...what a good husband! :) Life has been crazy as we begin to make decisions about where we will live next year, and look into all the gear we need to purchase for the baby. We are having fun though researching all the latest products on the market to make us trendy, economic parents. Matt does all the research into the best products and reviews they have received, I pick things based on how pretty they look. We still have lots more research to do before we are ready to purchase anything. Luckily we have 7 more months. We will post pictures of what we are looking into as we get closer.

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