Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mark May 28th On Your Calendar!!!!

We visited our family doctor yesterday to start our pre-natal care. He asked a number of questions about our family history ect. to determine our pregnancy risk and to determine that we were in fact really pregnant. One of my favourite questions was "Do you feel pregnant?" when I responded yes, he said then you are! Easy as that! We found out that we are a very low risk pregnancy and they expect that everything will go well. He also confirmed that our due date is May 28, 201o which is exactly six weeks after the expected arrival of Lindsay and Jared's baby number 2. I am so excited to have an experienced Mom to spend my maternity leave with!

Our next appointment will be in about 3 weeks. At this time they will do blood work and likely look for a heart beat. I have been feeling okay but am starting to experience more sickness throughout the day, according to my male doctor this is a very good thing and I should be happy about it. Clearly he is a man, no woman would ever tell you morning sickness is something to be excited about :). Right now I seem to have a cold/sinus thing going on. I took the day off work to sleep it off and am hoping to be good to go tomorrow. I have been told to do what my body is telling me to do and right now it is saying sleep!!!!

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