Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!!

This past weekend we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving. Goober (what we now lovingly refer to Baby Davis as) proved to be a true American by refusing to co-operate at Thanksgiving in October. The second we walked in the door I was overwhelmed by the smell and sight of the turkey. A meal that I look forward to all year brought on horrible nausea and morning/all day sickness. Although I did show Goober who was boss by eating a small amount of dinner, Goober proved to me that when he/she says no, he/she means no... and so begins the sacrifices of motherhood. Either way, we spent the day being thankful for our pregnancy and couldn't believe that at thanksgiving next year we would be toting around a 4 1/2 month old baby with us. In the meantime, we will try again in November, the second trimester, when food is supposed to regain it's appeal. Perhaps the parade, the football and the later in the pregnancy celebration will be what it takes for Goober to feel more comfortable and co-operate.

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