Monday, May 23, 2011

Our Weekend....

This was our last weekend with a baby.  Next weekend she will be a toddler!  She is such a little joy to my life and I love my girl to bits.  Her hair is getting so long so please excuse how ratty it looks.  She needs it in a ponytail or pigtails at this point!

Giving Daddy Kisses...

Elle, one going on sixteen....

She's got Daddy's keys, cell phone and emptied his wallet.  Sorry they are blurry she was on a mission and moving quickly!

We spent the day at my parents pool on Saturday.  The sun was finally shining so we cranked the pool heater and had some fun in the sun!

In her new floaty from Daddy.  She was very unsure of it!

My parents got new patio furniture so while Elle slept and while we waited for the other Grandbabies to come over Matt and Popa turned this box into an awesome play house.

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