Sunday, April 17, 2011

No, I don't have baby fever...but my baby is getting too big!

I know we have said it a thousand times but Matt and I are shocked at how different Elle looks everyday.  She is looking so grown up.  She is our favourite little person.  I have been packing up a lot of her baby stuff and it is so sad.  I remember thinking some of the stuff I am packing up now, was so big and it would never fit her, and now it's too small. Matt asked me the other day if I was getting baby fever because I was so sad she was getting big.  The answer is no, not yet we just can't believe how big she is.  I have baby fever to get her back as a baby, but still LOVE how funny and fun she is to spend time with now.  We are a little over a month away from her first birthday, she doesn't stop growing!

Watching golf with Daddy last weekend.

We were in a rush getting ready to go the other day so I set her up outside the bathroom door while doing my hair.  Big girl feeds herself.

I just thought she looked cute...there is always time for a quick picture!

First set of pigtails.  Matt and I LOVED them.  She looked precious.

And....we woke up to this this sad.

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  1. My baby fever hits usually ON their first birthday. Hence a baby being born in our house every 2 years! LOL.
    She's SO sweet! Love the pigtails. She has so much hair.
    I'm ready to slow things down too, mainly because right now...Bo doesn't like to move...I don't want him to want to move. HAH