Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We've Escaped

Matt and I traded our Commander in for this 2010 Ford Escape.  It was bitter sweet for us as the Commander was the first car that we bought together.  We bought it about 2 months after we got married and as we drove to pick up our new SUV we talked about all our memories;  trips to Florida, Canada, picking up Urban, bringing Elle Belle home from the hospital; it was a good car to us.  The gas however, was killing us so we traded it in for the Escape which gets much better milage while still giving us enough room to carry all Elle's gear.  After months of searching we found this Silver one about an 1 1/2 hours from our house.  We went down on Saturday to complete the deal and picked it up last night.  We are already soooooooo happy with it.  

A couple of the big things we were looking for that we found are, like I said before,  gas milage which has already proved to be WAY better. The Commander also had a raised back seat making it extremely difficult for me to lift our growing baby into the back seat (she ways a ton in her car seat).  Here are pictures of our new family car.

Black leather interior.

It has the "sync" system, which Ford is famous for.  All this means to me is that we have blue tooth for hands free cell calls and we can hook our ipod into the front console.  I think it does lots of other stuff too but Matt will have to tell you about this.  You can also see the seat warmers we had installed in the picture.  It didn't come with them but it was totally worth the extra money to have them installed.

This shows the ambiance lighting in the cup holders and other places in the car.  I think they are kinda cheesey but you can change the colour to "set the mood".  I kinda feel like I am driving a souped up car.

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  1. Awesome! i was wondering if you still had the Commander. We love the escape. It is on our "car list" :)