Friday, October 8, 2010

Pops would be SO proud!!!!

After weeks of practicing Elle successfully rolled from her back to her stomach today!!!  Pops was trying to teach her to do so while we were in Florida a month ago, but as hard as she tried she couldn't seem to figure it out.  Everyday we practice and she has been so close but always gets stuck on her side.  She teeters and teeters and then falls back to her back.  But today, while playing in her room, she successfully got to her front.  Once she got to her front though she didn't know what to do with herself.  It was hilarious.  She did it again for her Daddy later on tonight!  We are so proud of our little Elle Belle.  What  strong baby girl.

These pictures aren't from today, they are from a different day of practicing, but so cute either way!  

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