Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Five Months

Matt had been on my back about posting again and I promised to do so as soon as I took Elle's 5 month pictures!  She turned 5 months yesterday...can you believe it?  She is the absolute joy of our life.  She has so much personality and it seems like everyday she is learning to do something different.  She chatters constantly and we are currently working on "Dada" and "Mama".  She's got Dada down, only it comes out a little more like "Yadaya".  Most Mommy's are heart broken that their babies say Dada first but I told Matt whoever she calls in the morning has to go get her out of her crib, I am pretty anxious to get a sleep in.  Actually she is a great sleeper.  She doesn't usually make a peep until around 7 and she is totally content playing in her crib until around 7:30 or 8.  

We have started her on rice cereal which has also been a huge help.  About two weeks ago she started waking up at 5 am  totally ready to party, and while she was content until around 6:45 or 7 I was anxious to get her back to her 8 am sleep-in.  We have been successful!  The cereal is doing the trick.  She has her bottles throughout the day on her normal schedule but before bed we give her a small amount of cereal.  We started it super runny and we have worked up almost to the normal consistency.  Babies have to learn how to swallow, they are born with the instinct to push stuff out of their mouth with their tongues.  The first couple nights she was spitting everything out but seems to be getting the hang of it.  She needs to be comfortable with cereal by her 6 month check-up at which point we will be told to start food.  Crazy!

We are preparing for Halloween right now.  We got a pumpkin, which Matt and Elle will be carving in the next few days (Pictures to follow) and Elle and I have been working on her costume.  She will not be going trick or treating but I wanted to take her to see her Aunts, Cousins and my parents, plus I would be a horrible mother if we didn't have a picture for the baby book.  Here are a few of her options (excluding  our chosen be posted after Halloween).

A Cheerleader!
An Eskimo

A Moose, no costume needed!
A Froggy!

Tom Cruise, Risky Business Style
(Matt's been told he looks like a young Tom Cruise before)

Finally, Elle recently got a new toy that she LOVES!  I am trying to figure out how to post a video so I won't post about it today.  I'll try to get that video up so you can see the Girl in action!!!

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