Monday, July 19, 2010


On July 12, 2010 Matt and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary.  This year was spent a little differently than last year.  Last year we spent the night in Niagara Falls and did all kinds of touristy things.  This year we planned to stay in for the night and celebrate with our whole family.  Matt bought steaks and sent me flowers and I got Elle all dressed up for the event.  We spent the night playing with our baby girl and eating a romantic dinner for two at our place.  So much has happened over the past two years and it was fun to reflect on how far we have come and the adventures we have had.  We feel so blessed to have great jobs, a great place to live and a beautiful baby girl!  

This weekend we celebrated my Peppy's 85th birthday with the family.  My parents hosted a pool party and BBQ with the family.  Over the past 5 years (since the last big celebration) we have added two more spouses, a few great significant others and 3 great grandchildren to his life.  I know he feels so blessed by his family and we all love him so so much!!!!

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