Monday, June 28, 2010

One Month Old

Elle is one month old! Saturday was her one month birthday!  I cannot believe how the time has flown.  Matt and I were talking about how it seems like we were bringing her home just yesterday but at the same time we can't really remember life without her.  It is pretty amazing how quickly you transition into your new life.  I can honestly say she consumes my every minute, thought and action, but I love every second of it.

It is incredible to watch her grow and see what she is learning to do.  I was looking at her yesterday morning as I fed her, I didn't recognize her...she literally grew over night.  She doesn't look like a newborn anymore...she looks like a little baby.  We weighed her (weighed me and then me holding her...not sure how accurate it really was)  and she is almost 9 lbs.  While that is only about a pound and a half since she was born, I am noticing clothing not fitting her and things that were too big are starting to fit a lot better.

In some ways it is so sad to watch her grow but I am also so excited to get to know this little person and celebrate life with her.  Right now we celebrate her making a squawk.  She kicks her legs and flings her arms around to make a the smallest sound.  Yes, this is what my life has come to...celebrating little squawks!  It blows my mind to think this little person will grow up and become a teacher, or a doctor (if were really lucky).  This little person has been given to us to raise up and take care of and we thank God everyday for choosing us.

Here are some pictures of her growth:
Three days old vs. one month old

Trying to take a picture of her without her can see what happens when you take it away!

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  1. Oh my goodness she is so precious! I love her cupcake bib and her headband! Can't wait to meet her!!