Thursday, February 11, 2010

Goober Saying Hello!

I feel Goober move around a lot more and the kicking has become very strong (even as I am typing here someone is kicking my ribs). Christmas day was the first time Matt was able to feel movement but it was just little flutters. You had to push in to really feel it. A few nights ago we were sitting watching tv and I told Matt to pause the tv and look at my stomach. It was hilarious to watch the little thumps all over. The biggest kick is at about 10 seconds in the middle of the screen, followed by a few short ones that shake my stomach. I took this video myself, hence why my stomach looks so huge, it's not really THAT big. Matt says I am breathing too heavy...whatever! If you watch really carefully you can see our little friend saying hello to all of you!!!!

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