Monday, December 14, 2009

Sixteen Week Check

We visited the doctor this morning for our sixteen week check-up. We were heading in with a couple of concerns, but left feeling so happy and relaxed. I anticipated getting a lecture because I have still not gained any weight. I was actually down a little bit this morning but the doctor said it was totally fine, it was just the result of horrible morning sickness. He said he needs me to gain 20 lbs before the end, however I don't need to worry about it yet. Slow weight gain is better then too much too fast. He measured where the baby was and it is in the right place, he said that just by feeling my stomach he would say I am sixteen weeks pregnant. Although I haven't gained anything my shape is changing and the baby is moving into place. He was even able to feel the baby's head positioning through my stomach. They listened for a heart beat which gave me a small heart-attack. The baby was in motion so it took a minute to find it and then they kept loosing it. While they couldn't find it I started to stress, but they got it and said it was perfect. Today Matt was super excited to find out that the heart beat had slowed down and today our baby is a boy! I think it all depends on what I have for breakfast.

My morning sickness is subsiding, which is right on time and I am starting to get some of my energy back. I was fighting a cold this week but I am feeling better today. I have had a little bit of leg numbness but this too is normal. My blood work from last time was all great and my blood pressure is perfect. So right now we are doing great. We have booked our first ultra-sound for January the 5th, we will be almost 20 weeks and they will be able to measure everything and tell us how Goober is doing. This will be our most fun appointment as we will get to see little Goober for the first time. After that we go back to the doctor on January 11 for a regular check. Time will fly now.

We used our video camera for the first time this weekend. Matt put together a short video of our footage so as soon as we figure out how to load it on here you will see what we did Saturday afternoon! Love you all!!!!

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  1. Great report! In time the lack of weight want be a problem. Both Nana and I keep you (three) in our prayers daily.

    God bless,

    Granddad and Nanna